Parade of Homes
Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Do I need separate tickets for each site?

A: No - a single ticket will get one person access to each site for one visit.


Q: Can I visit one site multiple times?

A: A ticket allows you to visit each site once. If you wish to visit a single site multiple times, you have to purchase multiple tickets.


Q: Does my BOGO code work for Senior and Children tickets?

A: Senior and children tickets are already a reduced price from the regular ticket.  Discount codes cannot be combined with reduced priced tickets.


Q: Is there a shuttle or onsite parking?

A: There is complimentary onsite parking at both sites as the primary parking this year.  However, if there is inclement weather there can be safety concerns in the grass parking areas and secondary parking locations may be necessary.  Please watch the MBA's Parade of Homes Facebook page for last minute information and watch for event staff when you arrive that will help you find a parking space.


Q: Are the parking areas paved?

A: The onsite parking areas are grass fields.  Please make sure to plan ahead for comfortable footwear as you may need to walk a longer distance depending on how many guest are there when you arrive.  Event staff will do their best to park you as close as they can to the Parade entrance.  Also, make sure to watch the weather as parking lots may become muddy during or after a rain storm.


Q: Do I have to buy my ticket(s) online?

A: Online tickets are discounted, but you may also purchase tickets at our ticket trailers at the event.


​Q: Are there toilets available?

A: Yes - there are portable toilet facilities at all Parade of Homes subdivisions.


Q: Do you sell food and beverages?

A: We sell water at the ticket trailers and may have Food Trucks periodically during the Parade of Homes. Please follow us on Facebook to get most up to date information to know which trucks will be at which location.


Q: Are the sites handicap accessible?

A: No - these are private homes and are not required to be accessible.

Q: How far apart are the two sites?

A: They are about 15 miles (approx 25 minute car ride) apart.


Q: I can't find the sites on my GPS, what can I do?

A: The subdivisions are new and sometimes the locations can't be found on a GPS yet.  You should be able to manually enter the coordinates below to get close to the subdivision entrances and then follow the signs and site staff.

         Menomonee Falls - 43.119277,-88.169959

         New Berlin - 42.954259,-88.128734

Q: Can I bring my pet?

A: Although pets can be brought to the Parade site, they can not be left unattended and are not allowed inside the homes. Pets may not go onto the grass or driveways. Pets must be leashed at all times.


Q: Can realtors get discounted tickets?

A: Realtors can purchase discounted tickets online with a code that was sent to staff at GMAR.  You should be able to get it from them. 


Q: I've heard I have to take off my shoes in the homes, is that true?

A: That is correct.  Most homes will require guest to remove their shoes before entering the home.  Some may provide booties for guest to wear over their shoes and return when they leave or have special instructions posted at the front door.  (If you have an orthopedic condition that requires footwear to walk safely, please stop at the ticket trailer when you enter the site and ask for the site manager.)