Membership Information

Membership Requirements

Thank you for your interest in joining our association. The Metropolitan Builders Association consists of two membership classifications; the Builder member and the Associate member. Both are integral to the success of our association and the housing industry. The following defines Builder Members, Interim Builder Members and Associate Members. Please be prepared to provide the appropriate information with your completed application.

Builder Member

Builder members include any individual, entity, or employee of a firm, (corporation, partnership, or limited liability company) who has been in the business of: (I) building or remodeling homes, apartments, schools, commercial, industrial, or other structures normally related and appurtenant to a community with three homes built and sold; or (II) land development within the jurisdiction of this Association.

Annual Membership Fee for Builders: $995

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Interim Builder Member

Any contractor who has not met the minimum requirement for Builder membership. Such members are not permitted to vote, to use the MBA logo, or participate in MBA promotions (Home Builders Expo, Spring Tour, Parade of Homes) until attaining Builder membership status. Upon meeting all membership requirements, the Interim Builder shall be considered for full Builder membership.

Annual Membership Fee for Builders: $995

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Associate Member

Associate Members are any person, firm, or corporation engaged in a trade, business, industry or profession related to the home building industry. The greater part of business activity should consist of the performance of work or labor and the furnishing of materials used in or about the erection, construction, repair of buildings or the financing of the buildings.

Annual Membership Fee for Associate Members: $705

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Affiliate Member

An Affiliate membership shall be considered a secondary membership and shall be open to any person who is an employee of a primary member corporation or firm and desires to participate in activities of the Metropolitan Builders Association (MBA) and who is of good character and business reputation. Affiliate members shall be subject to the same rules and regulations with reference to admission, payment of dues and membership in the Wisconsin Builders Association (WBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) as a primary member.

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