Dispute Resolution 

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Dispute Resolution Procedures

Building or remodeling a home is an exciting experience, the culmination of many months or years of planning and expectations.

The building or remodeling process is more complex than most other buyer-seller transactions, extending over a substantial period of time and involving many different individuals - subcontractors, suppliers, lenders, etc. The best written contracts, specifications and plans still leave room for legitimate interpretational differences. Delays during construction are normal due to shortages of materials, employment disputes, adverse weather conditions and buyers making changes to building plans. Communication is the only means of translating original concepts into a finished product.

Differences of opinion during the construction or warranty period may arise. If a mutually satisfactory solution to a problem cannot be reached between the buyer and contractor, either party may begin a civil lawsuit, which normally involves a significant commitment of time, energy, money and frustration.

Recognizing this, the Metropolitan Builders Association has been at the forefront of industry self-regulation to benefit the customer, the contractor and the building industry. The MBA has committed its resources and technical knowledge to resolve construction-related disputes. Since 1957, the MBA has been involved in dispute settlement, devoting considerable time and volunteer resources.
Our MBA volunteers are not permitted to serve as a mediator or arbitrator if they have a conflict of interest.  A conflict of interest means they have a prior or existing personal or business relationship with any of the parties, or there is any other reason that could affect the person’s ability to fairly and impartially act as a mediator or arbitrator.  Each MBA volunteer signs a no conflict disclosure verifying their commitment to impartiality and fairness, and confirming that they do not have a conflict of interest with any of the parties before they begin.  The MBA then carefully scrutinizes these volunteer disclosures before assigning volunteers to a case as mediators or arbitrators.

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